Wonca Africa Region is made up of 10 paid-up member organisations as of October 2018. Africa was right there with Wonca at its inception in 1972. Recent presidents included Bruce Sparks, Khaya Mfenyana, Sylvester Osinowo, Matie Obazee and Henry Lawson. Africa has been a very difficult terrain for growing Wonca and is recognised as such by Wonca. 


Current WONCA Africa Member Organisations are

  • Botswana (Family Physicians Association of Botswana)
  • Cameroon (Medcamer) 
  • Ghana (Society of Family Physicians of Ghana; West African College of Family Physicians - Ghana Chapter)
  • Kenya (Kenyan Association of Family Physicians)
  • Lesotho (Lesotho Medical Association)
  • Liberia (Society of Family Physicians of Liberia)
  • Nigeria (Society of Family Physicians of Nigeria; National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria; Association of General Practitioners and Medical Practitioners of Nigeria)
  • South Africa (South African Academy of Family Physicians)
  • Uganda (Association of Family Physicians of Uganda)
  • Zambia (Association of Family Physicians of Zambia)
  • Zimbabwe (College of Primary Care Physicians of Zimbabwe)